Road accident in runachal pradesh

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CRC MoI MoH MPWT HIB Cambodia Road Traffic Accident and Victim Information System Annual Report Executive summary Photo: Jean Van Wetter @ HIB Developed with the support of: French Cooperation Belgian Cooperation World Health Organization Notice: This report may be freely reviewed, abstracted, reproduced or translated in part or in whole, but not for the purposes of sale.

As per the data available in Road Safety Cell, PHQ Itanagar, the numbers of person killed in road accident during upto November increased in Tawang, Papum Pare Rural, West Siang, Lohit and Anjaw Districts while the rest of the districts of the state indicated negative marking.

Guwahati, May In a horrific accident at least two people lost their lives while one child was seriously injured near Dirang in Arunachal Pradesh on Thursday. It. Jun 03,  · Union Minister Gopinath Munde passed away in a road accident on Tuesday.

Munde is not the first politician to have met a tragic end. Arunachal Pradesh. Sep 08,  · runachal Pradesh: A part of the eastern Himalaya range and situated in the north eastern tip of India bounded by Myanmar on its east, Bhutan on the west, china on the north and north east.

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*The largest state in the north east that covers an area of 83, with evergreen forests covering more than 82 percent of the state. RUKSIN, Nov Tea planters in the Siang valley, including East Siang and Lower Siang districts and areas bordering Jonai (Assam), who are already bracing for a low production owing to lack of rainfall during the summer season this year, have now been hit by a bug menace.

Road accident in runachal pradesh
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