Recuperation vs circadian

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Circadian Rhythms Essay

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The circadian rhythm also causes us to feel more alert at certain points of the day, even if we have been awake for hours and our sleep/wake restorative process would otherwise make us feel more sleepy.

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Find descriptive alternatives for recuperation. Mar 20,  · This Site Might Help You. RE: What are the main differences between the recuperation and circadian theories?

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What are the main differences between the recuperation and circadian theories? The Sleep Matrix Why do we sleep? - Recuperation vs. circadian introduction?? What governs when or how long we sleep?

This activity will assist you in understanding two common sleep theories, recuperation and circadian, which provide different answers to these questions.

Depending on which one you support, it may change your outlook on .

Recuperation vs circadian
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What are the main differences between the recuperation and circadian theories