Macroeconomic government policies in reducing

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Fiscal Policy

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Three key issues are discussed in this section: (1) how to finance poverty-reducing spending in a way that doesn’t endanger macroeconomic stability; (2) what specific policies can be adopted to improve macroeconomic performance; and (3) policies to protect the poor from domestic and external shocks.

MACRO-ECONOMIC | Discuss the role of government policy in reducing unemployment and inflation.

Macroeconomic – Government Policies in Reducing Inflation and Unemployment

In your discussion make use of the diagrammatic representation of the macroeconomy developed in lectures in Term 2 | Unemployment and inflation are factors that have negative effects on the performance of the economy as a whole. Fiscal policy is one of the macroeconomic policies which can influence resources allocation, redistribution income and reduce the fluctuation of the business cycle, by varying the amount of government spending and policy can decrease unemployment by helping to increase aggregate demand and the rate of economic growth.

MACRO-ECONOMIC| Discuss the role of government policy in reducing unemployment and inflation. In your discussion make use of the diagrammatic representation of the macroeconomy developed in lectures in Term 2| Unemployment and inflation are factors that have negative effects on the performance of the economy as a whole.

Fiscal policy – changes to government taxation, government spending and borrowing; Supply-side policies designed to make markets work more efficiently; Objectives of UK Macroeconomic Policy. The key objectives for the UK are: Stable low inflation - the Government’s inflation target is % for the consumer price index.

Types of Fiscal Policies. There are two types of fiscal policy: expansionary and contractionary. The objective of expansionary fiscal policy is to reduce unemployment. Thus, an increase in government spending and/or decrease in taxes are implemented that results in better GDP and reduced unemployment.

However, it can also cause some inflation.

Macroeconomic government policies in reducing
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