Fire at mann gulch

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Mann Gulch Fire

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Map resources for the Mann Gulch Fire Staff Ride: Travel map (JPG, K) Local access map (JPG, K) Topo map with WGS 84 GPS locations for stands JPG, MB) Topo map with fire progression (JPG, K) Historical Maps. Investigation Report. Medal of Honor Recipients - World War II (Recipients G-L).

The Mann Gulch fire was first officially reported around noon on August 5,in Montana's Helena National Forest. Responding to the fire, the Forest Service dispatched fifteen smokejumpers from Missoula to the remote area.

Mann Gulch fire

Mann Gulch Fire: A Race That Couldn’t Be Won Richard C. Rothermel. THE AUTHOR RICHARD C. ROTHERMEL is a research physical sci- Mann Gulch to investigate the fire during the fall ofHarry Gisborne, the pioneer fire scientist in the Northern Rockies, suffered a heart attack and died.

Click on a topic above or on a map location below. The Battlement Creek Fire of was located on Bureau of Land Management lands just outside of Grand. During the blow up stage, the Mann Gulch fire covered an estimated 3, acres in 10 minutes and eventually burned 4, acres.

firefighters helped bring the fire under control. Largely as a result of the Mann Gulch Fire’s tragic ending, a program was developed to study fire behavior, and the Fire Laboratory in Missoula was finally built.

Fire at mann gulch
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