Critique of mind over mass media

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On ‘Mind Over Mass Media’ by Pinker

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On ‘Mind Over Mass Media’ by Pinker

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Mind Over Mass Media critique

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Jul 06,  · Steven Pinker’s “Mind Over Mass Media” illustrates the impact of the new media on our lives. Critics argue that our new technology is putting a strain on our brain.

Critics believe that these forms of technology lower. In response to Steven Pinker’s article, “Mind Over Mass Media”, I completely agree with him. Let me give you a brief little summary of his work.

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Critique of “Mind Over Mass Media” by Steven Pinker In the article “Mind Over Mass Media,” written by cognitive psychologist Steven Pinker on June 10, for The New York Times newspaper, Pinker argues that the new media and technologies have positive affects on people’s mental development.

Your Brain on Media: Steven Pinker's "Mind Over Mass Media" How the mind works was a New York Times bestseller in and was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, as was his book, Blank slate: The modern denial of human nature.

Critique of mind over mass media
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“Mind Over Mass Media” | Introduction to Critical Reading, Writing and Research