Coastal tourism in kerala

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Tourism in Kerala

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Kerala at a Glance

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Tourism of Kerala

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Tourism in Kerala

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Beach Bounty: India will soon have 17 coastal tourism circuits jostling for attention

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Among the coastal tourism projects, one in Andhra Pradesh is completed. Two of the Goa coastal circuit projects are near completion. Under the coastal circuit projects taken up sincethere has been an emphasis on increasing tourists’ beach experiences by providing more amenities.

CHAPTER-S COASTAL TOURISM IN KERALA erala means the land of coconuts. It is the southern-most state with highest literacy rate & second most. Kerala Tourism in its attempt to give more exposure to the beaches in Malappuram district has initiated a coastal tourism circuit.

As a result, the beautification of Ottumpuram beach near. Though the tourist destination is known as Kochi, it is a part of Ernakulam which is a beautiful district located on the coast of the Arabian Sea and must see place to go in Kerala.

Ernakulam city is quite fast and modern and the old art of city is theFort Kochi with a mix of british, portugese and dutch cultures spread all across. Coastal tourism and beach sustainability – An assessment of community perceptions in Kovalam, India Proshanta Kumar Ghosh 1, Debajit Datta 2 Kovalam, a coastal village of Kerala, India, has been studied to assess the status of.

In India, Kerala Tourism has been occupying the number one position in web traffic among tourism board websites for more than a decade.

In terms of web traffic, the site is among the top 10 tourism websites in the Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

Coastal tourism in kerala
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Coastal tourism in Malappuram | Kerala Tourism